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I Had A Dream

One time when I was five, I had my first loose tooth. I spent the night at my grandma’s house and I had a dream that I was fighting a penguin. But we were in like a dark alleyway with a toilet and sink and trash off to the side. I remember that it was late because there was a clock on one side of the alley. When me and the penguin started to fight, it was like we were fighting in Street Fighter. The penguin kicked my in the jaw and I remember my current loose tooth had flown out of my mouth and into the trash. I went over to the trash and (even though my tooth was on the top if the trash) went through the ENTIRE trash like that episode of Spongebob where Squidward realizes that he likes Krabby Patties. When I finally find my tooth that is at the bottom I the trash can, I go over to the sink to clean it off. It falls out if my hand but I catch it before it goes down the drain and as I’m staring at it, the penguin comes over and kicks it out of my hand and into the toilet. When my tooth lands in the toilet, a fish jumps out of the toilet and flushes it with both my tooth and itself inside of the toilet. After all that happens I fall to the ground and my dream goes blank except for bright orange letters and the deep street fighter voice saying: Game Over








I will never let myself scroll past a picture of Walt and not reblog it. I feel like I’d be dishonoring him, and he’s just done so much for me that it’s just not right.

Mr. Disney



Bless this man for enriching my childhood.

People who don’t reblog this





I shit you not my parents met at Disney

I cannot not reblog this eveytime it pops out on my dash

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Reblog if a teacher has ever



Bullied you, talked to you like you were stupid, , made you feel uncomfortable, offended you, harassed you, made you feel like you were dumb, made fun of you, ignored you, or talked down to you

Im trying to prove a point to my father that teachers can be as hurtful as the students

not directly at me but called my class mate stupid in front of all of the class (and refuses to apologize)

More than once, my 4 grade & 6 grade math teacher had me running out of the class room to the girls bathroom crying my eyes out




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Saving this for later

That first one though…you can order a Cookie Dough Frap from Starbucks??!?


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